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Who's the gal in the office?

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Hi! My name is Alissa -- thanks for popping in! I manage administrative tasks + creative, marketing & social media -- it's fun. I wanted tell you a little about myself & Perdue Builders (from my vantage point).

Backstory: I've known Rich Perdue, the commander & chief, since I was a teen. I worked for his wonderful wife back in high school & have since then stayed in touch with this great family. Also, fun fact: I am a Bothell native, so it's fun to work in the ol' stomping grounds (literally, I stomped on these grounds -- my childhood home is only a couple of blocks away)!

Current day: in March of 2017 I started working for Rich -- soon after, I became extremely fascinated by siding & am 100% sure that Rich & his wife are the two favorite bosses I've ever had. I really mean it. I love getting to handle the "little" tasks & the "big" tasks -- every day is different.  Sunday night is not what it used to be -- I ACTUALLY enjoy coming to work & don't dread Monday morning (& in case past bosses are reading this: it's not you, it's me!!) ...Just kidding, I don't think this blog post will go THAT viral ;) 

A few things I've learned about this company (and the man-in-charge) since I started working here:

  • It's a trustworthy company. Rich is honest. He gives honest quotes, his genuine best effort on the work & is always upfront. He's even funny!
  • These guys are good. I'd hire them (& might someday when that husband of mine let's me go all "Property Brothers" on a future home)! But seriously, have you looked at our gallery?
  • This is the kind of local business that the world needs more of. These guys & gals work hard, love making relationships with customers in the community & they CARE.

You can decide for yourself, but for what it's worth, this company is awesome & I feel privileged to work here.

If you do call us (I hope you do!) there's a good chance that I'll pick up the phone, and I would love to hear from you, so give us a ring. In the meantime, take a look at your house -- is it exactly how you'd dream it to be? If not, maybe we can help :)

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