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3 Reasons to Replace your Front Door this Season

We all know your front door plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal--it’s the focal point of your home’s facade--making it an important component in your home’s overall appearance. If your front door is starting to look like it’s been through tough times then it is time to consider replacing it.

It’s more than just for aesthetics, however, as replacing a door is actually one of the smartest investments you can make. Perdue Builders & Supply, the trusted home improvement contractor in Seattle, WA, gives you three reasons to replace your front door.

1. Energy efficiency

The entryway is one of the biggest openings in your home. This makes it a huge hole where valuable energy can escape. Your front door should keep your home interior’s temperature comfortable by keeping the elements outside and your thermostat where you want it. Aside from making you and your family comfortable, a front door that keeps uncomfortable drafts at bay can also help lower your energy bills.

2. Compromised safety

One of the most important purposes of a door is to keep unwanted guests out of your house. If the front door is old, it will make it easier for intruders to break into your home. That’s why it is highly recommended to replace your old door with a strong, reliable, and secure replacement.

3. Property value

With a beautifully crafted, newly installed replacement door, your home will become more attractive to a greater number of prospective buyers. This will allow you to demand for a higher asking price.

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We can also paint your front door if it's in good shape & you want to change up the look. Throw on a seasonal wreath & you have yourself a beautified entryway!

When it comes to home improvement in Seattle, WA, Perdue Builders & Supply is the most trusted in the area. We offer different home improvement products and services, including doors, windows, and siding. With over thirty years in the business, you can be sure to work with trained and experienced people.

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| written by Alissa Peronto |

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