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Window Material Options: An Overview

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Window replacements are a great investment. They increase your home’s curb appeal, help you save on your utility costs, and make your home more comfortable. With today’s window frame material options, choosing the right window replacement in Bothell, WA, can be difficult when you’re weighing your options. Here’s a quick walk-through of your window frame materials and their unique benefits. 

1.    Vinyl – They are one of the easiest to clean and maintain window frame materials available today. Quality structural vinyl windows strike the perfect balance between cost, strength, and insulation. Modern vinyl frames are available in molded-in colors, eliminating the need to repaint.

2.    Fiberglass – Fiberglass window frames are among the strongest and most energy-efficient window frames available. These frames are suitable for climates with temperature extremes. It has better insulation than wood, keeps its integrity under exposure to alternating temperatures, and doesn’t warp or bend. Just like vinyl, it’s virtually maintenance-free and doesn’t rot. Fiberglass is also a popular material used for door installation in Seattle WA.

3.    Wood – The most traditional choice among window frame materials, wood remains a popular choice for custom units with unique design specifications. Wood window frames are inherently insulative. You can even paint or stain them as desired. However, what sets this type of frame apart is its natural wood grain, which cannot be matched by veneer or simulated grain. The proper protective coatings can protect your wooden frames from the effects of moisture.

4.    Aluminum – Aluminum replacement windows continues to be one of the strongest and most affordable materials available on the market. Aluminum by itself is inherently conductive, so it’s typically used as cladding for other window materials. If you happen to live in a busy area, aluminum is the best material for blocking out the noise.

5.    Composite – Composite frames are typically made from wood fiber and polymer and features the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl frames and the stability of wood. While the benefits are similar to fiberglass, composite frames can come with authentic wood grain and textures. This feature makes composite windows a great choice for homeowners who want realistic wood grain without the maintenance hassles.

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