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Reasons to Trust ColorPlus™ from James Hardie®

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For your next project, we recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding. With their ColorPlus Technology, James Hardie lets you choose your siding finish and more. Certified installer Perdue Builders and Supply recommends this for your home because of the following benefits:

  • Durable finish – ColorPlus Technology during the manufacturing process and involves applying several coats of finish. The process is up to 50% more than what an average house painter would use on typical siding. This guarantees a durable, long-lasting, and consistent finish all throughout without needing repainting throughout its service life.
  • Baked-on bond – Every coat is cured by baking to ensure a chip-, peel-, and crack-resistant finish. The siding will not lose its shape under extreme temperatures.
  • UV-ray resistance – Ultraviolet rays from sunlight are the reason why paint, vinyl, and fabrics fade. The ColorPlus Technology process includes treatment that resists UV rays, resulting in fade-resistant siding that guarantees a vibrant finish that lasts.

ColorPlus Technology Color Palettes

Perdue Builders and Supply is proud to be an authorized James Hardie home improvement contractor. This lets us offer better design options for your next siding project. Here are some examples of James Hardie’s wide selection of color palettes:

  • Warm colors – Reds, oranges, and yellows create a beautiful autumnal color palette that goes well with Spanish-style villas and Craftsman-style homes.
  • Cool colors – Choose shades of blue for a calm, seaside vibe. This shade goes great with a dark-colored roof.
  • Fresh colors – Yellows and greens give an earthy look and let your home blend into surrounding trees or lush landscaping. It also provides an effective contrast to its surroundings during fall.
  • Light colors – For a crisp and clean feel, opt for whites and soft pastels. With ColorPlus Technology, you can select an all-white finish for your home without worrying about the siding turning yellow over time. In addition, light-colored siding reflects the sun’s rays similar to cool roofs and helps you save on your air conditioning bills.
  • Dark colors – Dark colors give a mysterious and modern look that is perfect for modern homes in urban environments.
  • Neutral colors – Neutrals are a signature element of contemporary architecture and evoke sophistication.

Choose James Hardie for your next siding replacement to ensure a lovelier home. Call us today at (425) 398-8609 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. Perdue Builders and Supply serves Seattle and Bothell, WA, residents.

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