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Window Material Series: Aluminum

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Windows today come in different materials. Each has its own set of benefits that fit a range of needs. Perdue Builders & Supply look at one of the more modern material options available: aluminum. We also explain why it makes for a great investment option for the long term.      

1. It’s affordable.

Among the options for window replacement in Everett, WA, aluminum is one of the most affordable. This is mostly because of the lightweight nature of this metal and the simple processes involved in its manufacture. Moreover, this doesn’t come at the expense of durability or strength.

2. It’s weather resistant.

Aluminum is strongly resistant to all weather conditions and fluctuations in temperature. That’s because the material is pliable, but not too permeable. This also makes it resistant to physical abuse and the ravages of time. Aluminum also can’t oxidize and so it can’t rust either.

3. It works with others.

Another great thing about aluminum is that it can work with other materials. It forms a great exterior shell with wood windows to create what is known as “clad” windows. This can retain the classy look of wood yet incorporate the noise-cancelling characteristics of aluminum. This is ideal whether you’re living in the suburbs or a noisy city.

4. It can be painted.

Another advantage of aluminum is that it can painted in a range of colors. This does not affect the other beneficial characteristics of the material, making it perfect for window and door installation in Seattle, WA. This affords you the ability to personalize in a way that other materials can’t offer.

If you want a window material that can match your design tastes while remaining sturdy and durable, aluminum is the material to get. It also offers a unique noise-cancelling feature. Give Perdue Builders & Supply a call at (425) 398-8609 today and we’ll be happy to help you get the best aluminum windows. Or, just contact us here!

Richard Perdue