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Window Style Series: Fiberglass Windows Make the Difference


It is important to install the kind of windows that will upgrade the aesthetic value of your home and let you enjoy the view. In choosing the kind of material for your windows, make sure that it will stand the test of time and harsh weather conditions without compromising elegance and style. When looking for the ideal window replacement in Bothell, WA, include fiberglass windows on your list. Here’s why:


Thanks to modern fabricating techniques, fiberglass windows are among the strongest windows in the market. Stronger than wood and vinyl, fiberglass is rot-proof and expands and contracts uniformly, allowing the frame to maintain its integrity.


Fiberglass has better insulating properties compared with wood. This, in turn, allows for more warm air or cold air stay inside the room when needed. Fiberglass, especially when tinted, repels solar heat, reducing the need for air conditioning.


The components of fiberglass windows can be fabricated and customized easily. These also require low maintenance. The resins that comprise these types of windows are smooth and capable of accepting a wide array of custom, color-through paints.

At Perdue Builders & Supply, we do more that provide reliable exterior painting in Kirkland, WA. We will also be glad to help you decide on the kind of windows that will compliment your home. You can be sure that we will do a great installation job, so that your windows will provide the performance you need. Call us at (425) 398-8609 or fill out our form to get a free quote today.

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