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How to Determine Window Performance Using the NFRC Label


Your windows are a vital component in your home’s overall energy efficiency. That’s why replacing your old and damaged windows with our high-performance products will have a significant effect on your energy bills. To make the right choice regarding your new windows, the National Fenestration Rating Council (or NFRC) developed their rating system. We explain the energy performance rating system in this article.

What is the NFRC Label?

The NFRC label tells you if your window is energy-efficient, making it an essential tool for your window replacement in Everett, WA. This label inspires confidence in energy performance, reassuring consumers that their window will perform to specifications. The NFRC is an independent third party that tests windows, skylights, and doors to determine their energy efficiency. Since they are not the manufacturer, consumers can expect accurate and unbiased performance information.

What Do the Ratings on the Label Mean?

The NFRC label consists of several parts. First is the U-Factor ratings, which range from 0.20 to 1.20. The U-Factor measures heat that can escape from inside the room. The lower the number, the lower the potential there is for wasted and increased expenses. This rating is important for regions with cold winters.

Next is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This is a number between zero and one that measures how well the window blocks outdoor heat from entering a room. Lower numbers mean the window is better at blocking heat. This rating is important for regions with hot summers. A window with a good SHGC rating will block most of the sun’s heat from entering a home, keeping the room cool and lowering cooling expenses.

The Visible Transmittance is a number between zero and one that measures how much light comes through your window. The higher the number the more light shines through. This is important for homes wishing to make the most of daylighting. Daylighting uses sunlight as a design element to increase the beauty of a home, much like other design elements like exterior siding in Kirkland, WA. As the expert in both windows and painting, we can help you create the perfect design.

The NFRC label will help guide you towards getting the right replacement window for your home. Every home is unique, which is why it takes a professional to check your home’s status and determine the right window. Perdue Builders & Supply will help you get the most energy savings possible with our personalized window recommendations. Click here to learn more about our replacement windows or to get a free quote.

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