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Must-Dos: The Homeowner’s Summer Maintenance Checklist

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Summer’s the time when homeowners go about all the necessary maintenance routines.  From exterior painting to window installations, the weather is most conducive for repairs and home improvement projects. Here are some essential home maintenance to-dos for the summer.

Check Your Exterior Paint

Over the course of the seasons, your home’s exterior is sure to show signs of wear and tear. Take advantage of the clear skies during summer to repaint your exteriors as you won’t have time to do so when the season changes. This applies to other exterior jobs as well.

Check Your Windows

Old windows are one of the leading factors behind lower energy efficiency. Over time, its insulating properties take a beating. If you happen to have weathered particularly strong downpours and snowstorms, summer’s the perfect time to check up on their condition and arrange the necessary window replacement procedures.

Check Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning can be a tedious and even dangerous process. So, the best option will still be to let the pro roofers handle it. This can help you avoid untoward accidents as well as ensure a thorough cleaning of your gutters.

Check Your Doors

Doors are another aspect of your home that can take a beating from nature through the years. To ensure insulation and optimum energy efficiency as well, make sure to schedule door installation procedures during the summertime.

The season affords you the perfect weather to take stock of your home’s condition. Take advantage of it to do repairs and necessary replacements to ensure a fully-functional home when the weather changes.

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