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What Does Green Mean For You? 


Going for green products offers many benefits for you and your home. Many homeowners see these products as worthy investments, especially if they are energy-efficient. In this article, we will discuss some green products offered by Perdue Builders & Supply and what they have to offer: 


Our vinyl siding replacement in Bothell, WA  is more insulated than siding that was installed as little as ten years ago. This will do a lot for the comfort of your household over the winter, as well as lower your energy bills since you won’t have to overwork your HVAC units just to stay warm. At the same time, you’ll be using your utilities less which is great on many levels from saving money to protecting the environment. Lastly, our siding can resist moisture that causes cause mold growth in your home. 

Replacement Windows 

Like our vinyl siding, our vinyl windows are resistant to heat and cold and will encourage more energy savings. They can also be recycled, which helps promote a greener environment. You also do not need to worry too much about repainting them since they will not rot or stain, ensuring lasting beauty. You only need to clean them with soap and water. 

Replacement Doors 

We offer door replacement as part of our services centered on  home improvement in Seattle, WA. Our storm doors will add a layer of insulation to your entry. Because they prevent drafts from entering your home, most homeowners see further energy savings just by installing a storm door. 

Seattle is one of the leaders when it comes to helping the environment with green initiatives. Perdue Builders & Supply aims to help you realize a more comfortable and home. For more information about our green products, feel free to give us a call at (425) 398-8609 or fill out our contact form.

Richard Perdue