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3 Key Improvements for your Home


Homes age in time, but even if you want to give yours a vintage look, letting it rot away is not the way to go. Even historic and traditional houses become unattractive when their exteriors wrinkle and lose their luster. 

As the trusted name in home improvement in Seattle, WA, Perdue Builders and Supply wants to share with you some of the best projects to restore your home’s youthful glow and beauty fast. With these exterior improvements, your home could quickly recover its curb appeal:


There’s no faster way to give your abode a refreshing look than with a paint job. If your wall cladding panels are still intact and don’t necessarily need replacements, applying new sets of coat to your exterior is all you need to bring back your home’s long lost charm.

After all, a paint job reinforces your property’s resistance againt harsh elements. Without paint, your home would be more vulnerable to water damage and cause your overall structure to deteriorate fast.

Handyman or not, it’s best to leave this simple project in the hands of a professional home improvement contractor in Seattle, WA. The process may be straightforward but DIY painting involves a certain level of risk. Other than having proven expertise, pros have a complete set of tools to perform the task properly and efficiency.


If you want to style up your exterior and restore the structural integrity of your walls at the same time, a siding replacement makes more sense. Besides, not everything necessarily needs to be replaced. Professionals would assess first your wall cladding and identify all weak spots. You can just have the underperforming panels changed.

As many modern products are already covered with chip- and fade-resistant coating, you wouldn’t need to worry about repainting every few years after your siding replacement in Bothell, WA.

Door and Window Replacement

New exterior doors and windows could help make your home look younger. Upgrading your entry door and windows are minor elements with huge impact, especially when they’re already cracked or have other visible signs of wear.

Let Perdue Builders and Supply turn back the clock and make your home look its stunning younger version again. Call us now at (425) 398-8609, and let’s talk about your exterior improvement project.

Richard Perdue