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Expert Tips for Stress-Free Home Improvement


Home improvement in Seattle, WA, does wonders for your home. They improve function, indoor comfort, and curb appeal. An important process for any project is preparation. This is where most of the decisions are made, after all. Thorough planning is the key to a successful and stress-free home improvement project. Here are our expert tips on helping you plan a successful project:  

  1. Keep a journal – You can use a planner or notebook with durable binding as your home improvement journal. Keep all your ideas, measurements, sketches, receipts, clippings, and other reference materials in this journal so you will always know where to look. Alternatively, you can use mobile apps. 

  1. Visualize your project – Whether you prefer to use pen-and-paper or computer-aided design, you should have a visual representation of your project. You can easily see whether or not your idea will work on a “real-world” setting. This helps you avoid ending up with a color, style, or material you won’t like. Additionally, this makes getting your ideas across easier during a consultation with a  home improvement contractor in Seattle, WA, like us. 

  1. Set aside time to do your research – Since home improvement projects are significant investments, the last thing you want is rushing your project. Take the time to relay your ideas on friends and family, gather opinions, and compare color and style palettes. The same applies when it’s time to choose a contractor. Take the time to make calls, double-check services, and consult. You will also have to set aside time to call referrals and visit project sites when possible. It may take a lot of your time, but you will get results that you’ll be 100% happy with. 

  1. Go timeless – When researching your design options, we recommend timeless styles for your pieces. If your home is based on a specific architectural style, such as a Spanish villa or a Tudor Revival home, stick with architecturally appropriate styles. 

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