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How to Succeed with Home Renovations: 5 easy steps

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No matter what kind of home you have, having your own place means that the urge to do a home improvement project might come at any given time. 

Home improvement in Seattle, WA, if done right, can result in a lot of savings and reduced stress. Here are some of our tried-and-true tips for successful projects. 

  1. Have a Solid Plan.  We did mention that you may have the urge to improve your home, but don’t act on that urge without a plan. Remember that home improvement projects cost money, and changing your mind about some parts of the project can easily bloat your budget. Use every available tool to plan for every aspect of the project, such as illustration and budgeting apps, visualizers, spreadsheets, or even good old pen-and-paper. You should also keep a 10-15% cost and time buffer in case of unexpected expenses and delays. 

  2. Know When to Hire a Contractor.  It’s amazing how much one can improve one’s own home with a free weekend, a few simple tools, and a moderate amount of elbow grease. But there are certain projects wherein you just have to call in a  home improvement contractor in Seattle, WA: siding repairs, and window replacements, among others. 

  3. Prioritize Timely Projects.  If you’re reading this during the fall or winter, start prioritizing projects that have something to do with your home’s insulation: a hole in the roof, leaky windows, or outer walls that need siding replacement. 

  4. Set Aside Funding.  Not all home improvement projects pay for themselves (or not immediately, at least), so financing them can be a challenge. If you can’t afford to finance your project upfront, look up different ways to finance it (such as short-term loans), but make sure that you’re not putting your property at risk. Your chosen project could make you eligible for tax breaks and could even increase the value of your home. Even if it doesn’t directly raise funds, they still count as future savings. 

  5. Choose Projects That Add Value.  Speaking of increasing value, if you think you’ll be selling your house in the next few years or so, then prioritize projects that increase your home’s value, such as bathroom remodeling, front door replacement, or  siding replacement in Bothell, WA. Even if you ultimately decide not to sell, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of these home improvements. 

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