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Sticking with the Basics: Why Choose Traditional Windows?


Your choice of window style plays a large role in addressing most of your home’s specific needs. These include comfort, energy efficiency, and architecture. You’ll want windows that can cover all the bases so choose ones that you know are tried-and-tested for both looks and performance. 

Traditional windows, like double-hung and casement, might be perfect for you. Perdue Builders and Supply, your experts for window and door installation in Seattle, WA, explains what makes them an excellent choice.

1. Double-Hung Windows—These windows feature a clean and simple design that makes them an instant classic. Double-hung remains one of the most popular window styles in the country due its versatility. In fact, these windows can fit most residential architecture, traditional or contemporary-modern. You’ll also notice that they won’t look out of place in any room.

Double-hung windows don’t remain a favorite based on looks alone. They can also provide superior natural ventilation for your home. All you need to do is open both of their operable sashes at the same time. This allows warm, stale air to exit your rooms through the top sash, while letting in fresh, cooler air through the bottom. Choosing this style for your window replacement in Everett, WA, lets you benefit from thermally comfortable rooms without relying too much on your cooling system. This leads to reduced energy costs.

2. Casement Windows—This option is one of the oldest types of operable windows existing today. They have hinges on the side, and are operated by swinging them outward. In terms of energy efficiency, casement is second only to fixed windows. Their frames press against the sash when you close them, creating an airtight seal that prevents energy loss.

These windows also allow plenty of fresh, healthy air to enter your rooms. Just open them fully, or angle them so that they direct breezes into your home. This same wide opening also allows access for considerable natural lighting, which help cut down some of your utility bills.

Perdue Builders and Supply is more than the company you can count on for professional exterior painting in Kirkland, WA. We offer high-end replacement windows that come in a range of lovely and durable materials and technologically advanced Low-E glass. With our selection and expert installers, we’ll further improve your home’s look and feel.

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