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Factors in Choosing the Perfect Siding Material


A siding upgrade can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal, indoor comfort, and property value. New siding can also protect your home from the elements whatever the season. If you’re planning this project for your next home improvement in Seattle, WA, Perdue Builders and Supply can help. Here are four factors to consider when choosing the ideal siding: 

1. Aesthetics

Your description of beauty should meet halfway with your home’s personality. Certain materials are a traditional match to particular architectural styles. If you find the right combination, your home would express your personal style while staying true to its distinctive character.

At Perdue Builders and Supply, we’ll help you choose the right siding color and style that will complement your home’s design. With options from James Hardie®, you have a wide range of color choices that come with ColorPlus® Technology. This makes your siding last twice as long as standard paint.

2. Weather Resistance

siding replacement in Bothell, WA, is an investment to protect your home from the elements.  If you invest in James Hardie siding, you can ensure years of protection without requiring too much maintenance.

With the HardieZone® system, you can be sure that you’re getting a siding that can withstand your area’s climate. This fiber cement siding will not warp, shrink, or rot upon exposure to elements. They also stand strong against termites.

3. Maintenance

Many options need more than a cleaning solution and a power wash to maintain its vibrant color. Some need regular re-painting, while other offer little resistance to fading caused by UV rays. You should understand the amount of care the product needs first. Even if it meets your aesthetic and weatherproofing criteria, too much maintenance can be costly. For a virtually maintenance-free material, we recommend James Hardie fiber cement siding.

4. Efficiency

Increasing your home’s energy performance is a value-adding quality.  Siding acts as a barrier that keeps your home comfortable all year long. This way, you won’t be pushing your heating and cooling systems too much, resulting in more energy savings.

Let an experienced home improvement contractor in Seattle, WA, help you choose the right siding solution for your home. Perdue Builders and Supply has helped homeowners build more beautiful and comfortable homes through quality products and superior services.

Call us today at (425) 398-8609 to learn more about our siding products. We’ll be happy to give you a free quote.

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