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Perdue Builders can help you with new window installation, replacement windows, and more. We are experts when it comes to Seattle window replacement. There are plenty of beautiful views around the pacific northwest, and home windows help you let in that precious light and gaze upon nature.

Energy-efficient windows are important to the value of your home and the control of your utility bills. We can help you properly install or replace your windows to maximize their energy efficiency. Choose the same style you already have or install entirely new ones.

window frame materials & their benefits:


We work with real wood to provide a natural look. Wood is a great insulator, and it has high aesthetic appeal for any building. With proper maintenance, which may include occasional painting, wood can keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

Wood windows are popular for custom window jobs that require unique design specifications. Wood can be painted to match any exterior color, but must be painted regularly to avoid undesirable chipping and exposure which can lead to rot. Wood windows have better insulative properties than metal, but fall short of vinyl and fiberglass.

  • Can be painted or stained
  • Wide variety of sizes to choose from
  • Does not attract condensation like a metal frame
  • Adds value and traditional appeal


Many homeowners turn to vinyl as an option because it is virtually maintenance-free and doesn’t flake, pit, or rot. We work with only the highest quality vinyl. We recommend Coeur d’Alene Series Vinyl Windows and Simonton Windows.

Windows manufactured from vinyl represent the largest market share in the replacement window business. High-quality structural vinyl is affordable, strong and provides very good energy savings, with moderate to high R-values to help reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Economical
  • No painting or maintenance required
  • Energy efficient
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Custom fit and sizing


Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, fiberglass windows are among the strongest and most energy-efficient windows. Fiberglass window components are extremely durable and can be readily fabricated and customized. The resins comprising fiberglass window components are smooth and capable of accepting a wide variety of custom, color-through colors.

  • Stronger than wood or vinyl
  • Better insulating properties than wood
  • Maintenance-free and rot-proof
  • Expands and contracts uniformly, allowing the frame to maintain its integrity
  • Can be painted after installation


Aluminum was the first type of replacement window available and continues to be one of the strongest window materials offered. Aluminum windows do not offer the high level of energy efficiency found in wood, vinyl or fiberglass windows. However, aluminum windows can be an acceptable alternative for the budget-conscious homeowner. Aluminum is often used as an exterior shell to strengthen wood windows, creating what is known as “clad” windows.

  • Affordable
  • Weather-resistant and will not rust
  • Blocks noise better than other window material types
  • Can be painted


Composite frames combine the low maintenance of vinyl with the strength and stability of wood. Their resistance to warping, rotting and heat transfer make them a great choice for busy homeowners who prefer the look of wood without the maintenance hassles.

  • Look of wood with performance of vinyl
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • No painting or maintenance required
  • Available in custom colors and sizes
  • Priced between vinyl and wood

window styles & their characteristics:

double-hung & single-hung

  • Sashes slide vertically
  • In a single-hung window, only the bottom sash moves


  • Hinges are located on one side
  • Opens outward


  • Large, stationary panel
  • Often used in combination with other windows


  • Box-style window that extends outward from a wall
  • Creates a sunny spot for plants


  • One or both sashes slide horizontally
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Hinged at the top
  • Opens outward
  • Combination of three or more units that curve outward
  • Used to increase views and light
  • Adds architectural interest


  • Combination of three or more units that curve outward
  • Used to increase views and light
  • Adds architectural interest

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