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How Home Improvement Contractors Get a High BBB Rating


For over 100 years, American consumers have relief on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to distinguish the good home improvement contractors from the bad. Among other prime factors, you should put a lot of weight on BBB’s opinion to make the right hire.

To hire a reliable door, window, or siding replacement contractor, Perdue Builders and Supply shares the key areas the BBB consider when sizing companies up:


When the state requires competency licensing for a particular trade or profession, the BBB ensures the business has the green light to operate locally. This is to make sure the company is proficient enough to do work properly and abides by the state rules.

In the Evergreen State, contractors need to a license to carry out door, window, and siding projects. Without it, the BBB would give it the thumbs down.


The BBB is particular about the company’s time in business. In a high-turnover home improvement industry, only reputable contractors continue to operate under the same brand. Incompetent ones go out of business in less than five years, while dishonest companies cover their tracks by changing names every now and then.

Every home improvement contractor with a high BBB rating has been in the business for many years. In most cases, longevity speaks of the company’s unwavering integrity.


The BBB frowns on companies that withhold important details, especially about their practices. In its book, it’s unethical to provide incomplete information about products and services offered or use false addresses. Since unverifiable data is a red flag, the BBB lowers the ratings of companies guilty of such acts.


The BBB knows that complaints happen all the time, and the best companies are also capable of making mistakes. But what it doesn’t accept are broken promises. It monitors consumer complaints and watches how businesses handle them.

The BBB give positive points to home improvement companies that abide by a mediation settlement or an arbitration award.

As a contractor with an A rating (highest) from the BBB, you can rest assured that Perdue Builders and Supply will provide you excellent services. We’ve strived for years to build an impeccable BBB record and we won’t do anything to ruin it. With our solid credentials, expect us to provide you your best home improvement experience yet.

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