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The Homeowners Guide: Your house doesn't have to be the "ugly pumpkin"

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Life is busy, projects are expensive, and the chipped paint isn’t that noticeable, right? It can become a habit to accept house imperfections (especially if you’ve been looking at it long enough) and we all have to do it to some extent. Some of our homes need more work than others and some folks have more cash to work with, but there are a few things that are true for all of us—whether we live in a perfect “Leave it to Beaver” neighborhood home or on the block that could use some TLC. We all can take pride in our home and we do not have to be the ugly pumpkin. Here it is, the the guide that every homeowner should live by:

  1. Chipped paint? Dated color? Or other symptoms that make you believe that your siding is salvageable? Talk to Perdue Builders and Supply about a paint job. Giving your siding a protective layer of paint could be all you need to add another 10+ years of life! This gives you an opportunity to update the color & hey, maybe a good opportunity to get a contractor to replace those old exterior lights? That’s an idea!

  2. Warped siding? Gaps in the siding? Or just overall deterioration in the siding? It might be time to invest in your home with new siding. There are countless benefits to residing your home—strengthening the walls that you call your home, offering energy efficiency (keep the heat inside in the winter & the heat outside during the summer while keeping energy bills down!), and not to mention an opportunity to make your home’s exterior finally look how you dream it to! Let Perdue Builders give you a quote on a full exterior re-side—no obligation & free!

  3. Do your windows look foggy? Is moisture creeping in doors or windows? We would be happy to look at your doors + windows and let you know if they are failing, which is just the reality of older products, regardless of quality or brand. If you choose to re-side your home, it is an ideal time to update & replace windows and doors. Perdue Builders & Supply teammates are experts at window & door installation.

Our services don’t stop there and we would love to help your home evolve into the perfect pumpkin! Call us at (425) 398-8609 or reach out to us here. May your pumpkins be round & your cider be spiced — happy Fall!

-Post written by Alissa Peronto

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